Reasons for LR

You deserve success. Immediate, lasting, without compromises and with a strong partner by your side. As one of the most successful direct sales enterprises in Europe, we are offering people the chance to significantly improve their lives on a daily basis.

Our secret: a tried and tested network marketing concept, a unique range of quality-assured health and beauty products and a world of great ad-vantages. So, what are you waiting for?


Success has no name – so give it yours! At our events, we will help you become a fully-fledged LR partner. Exclusive trips, tours around the whole world and our unique car concept are our thanks for all your hard work. Make the most of yourself – because you’re at the heart of it all.



Success knows no bounds – you’re free to set your own targets. As an LR partner, you are your own boss. Work where, when and with whom you like. Full-time or part-time. Thanks to our innovative business model, you will generate a passive income on the side - flexible and without huge investments or risks.


Equal Opportunities

Success is neither black nor white – it is colourful! At LR, everyone gets the chance to make something meaningful of their lives. Irrespective of your sex, skin colour, religion or background. We don’t care where you’re coming from, but where you’re heading.



Rise to the top – with powerful cars. As an LR partner, you sometimes need to cover long distances. Which is why we provide you with your very own company car, motivating you to tackle new challenges. Depending on your qualification, you can look forward to various Mercedes models at highly discounted leasing rates.

We also offer you additional support in the form of our car bonus, which you receive once you have met the monthly qualification criteria.

Unique Car Concept

Our unique car concept rewards dedicated partners for their success. More than 18.100 LR vehicles have already been handed over worldwide.